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Cessna Horizontal Stabilizer Attachment Reinforcement ProgramBack

In April of 1988 Cessna Aircraft created a Service Bulletin, SEB88-3, advising operators and service facilities of a structural modification that significantly reinforces the critical attachment points of the horizontal stabilizer for certain serial numbered and model Cessna 210-206 and 207 aircraft. This Service Bulletin is a relatively straightforward modification kit, but is little-known in the 210-206-207 aircraft owner community.

Because Propjet Aviation specializes in servicing Turbine 210s, we are very familiar with this Bulletin. All turbine modified aircraft have had this Service Bulletin performed since the first aircraft was modified. In the history of the production and operation of almost 100 Turbine 210s over a 15-year period of time there has never been a structural failure of these attach points on any modified aircraft. PropJet Aviation suggests that this be a high-priority structural modification for all affected aircraft for the obvious peace of mind that comes with the completion of this work.

PropJet Aviation is now offering this same Service Bulletin compliance to all affected owners and operators of these aircraft. We strongly recommend to our customers that this attach point bracket retrofit, as well as the associated inspection of other structural elements included in the Bulletin is done in compliance with this Cessna Service Bulletin.

See the series of photos below showing the substantial improvement in the thickness and design of the attach brackets. This includes improvements in the size of the hardware used to attach the forward brackets to the horizontal stabilizer, as well as the replacement steel brackets utilized on the aft side that were formerly made of aluminum. These Service Bulletin details are procedures that are carefully complied with by PropJet’s aircraft technicians.

The photos below are of a T-210, N732SR, owned by Gil Lucas of Santa Rosa. Gil immediately saw the necessity of having this reinforcement performed on his aircraft during his routine annual inspection. We encourage all our existing and potential Propjet customers to talk to Mr. Lucas about his experiences with Propjet in the performance of this work, as well as his decision to have it done by us. Mr. Lucas can be reached at his business, GILCO Distributors, Santa Rosa, CA, 707-576-0825.

Note: Please contact us to schedule this very important structural modification to your aircraft today for the benefit of both yourself and your family

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