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Welcome to Propjet's Certified Turbine Service

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We offer Annuals and regular Maintenance for Cessna Turbine 210 aircraft PropJet Aviation is the full-service maintenance facility for all your Cessna Turbine 210 Aircraft Needs. From engine overhauls to annuals, you can't get it done more competently or thoroughly anywhere else!

Since we specialize in almost exclusively Cessna Turbine 210-series aircraft, we know the aircraft intimately. As noted on our home page, why would you want to take your Turbine 210 to any other shop that covers the gamut of all general aviation aircraft? If you need a heart specialist, you don't go to a MD, you go to the cardiac care doc, and that's exactly what we are in the field of general aviation maintenance shops. The Cessna Turbine 210 Specialist! Our extensive knowledge of this aircraft is second to none in the western US. When you work with people who take these airplanes down to the last nut and bolt for overhaul on the way to becoming the Turbine 210, you learn that extra thing or two about this series Cessna that most other shops just don't have the time to acquire. Let us apply that in-depth knowledge of this airplane to the maintenance of your aviation investment. No one else can do it the way we do!

For routine annual maintenance, accessory item installation, such as external fuel tanks, or de-ice systems, we've done it all. Whether it's a new engine, a top end overhaul, or our highly-recommended tail feather structural enhancement service bulletin compliance (see the story below), we stand at your service. Call us for a quote today!

New Products:
Check out our Horizontal Stabilizer Reinforcement Program
This is a very important upgrade that all Turbine 210 owners should consider having done.

Boom Beam Landing Lights make sure you know exactly where your Eagle is landing

Want to be SEEN? Take a look at the Whelen LED Tail Becon

Not a big fan of turbulence? Want to be able to decrease airspeed RIGHT NOW? Speed Brakes are another popular mod

We also offer Cleveland Brakes as another upgrade for the Turbine 210

• Annuals
• 50-100 Hour Inspection
• Pickup and Delivery Services
• Pre-Purchase Inspections
• De-Ice Boot service
• Rigging Checks
• Pressurization checks
• Training-BFR, IPC, Eagle checkout
• Windshield scratch removal and polishing
• Dual pane tinted glass