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PropJet Aviation LLC
Rolls-Royce (Allison) 250-B17F/2
gas turbine engine

At Propjet Aviation, we specialize in Cessna 210’s and 340 twins. That's all we do! Service, Sales and Training. We find and sell airframes worthy to become Turbines and Turbine 340 Twin’s. We maintain the Turbine Aircraft community on the west coast. We service and maintain these Rolls Royce powered aircraft.

Whether it’s a T-210, P210 or 340 twin, let us show you how easy & fun it is to transition to a turbine. We have 5 Turbines based on the field now at Sonoma County/Charles Schultz Airport. If you are getting back into flying, our CFII’s will get you up to speed in short order. Many of our new owners are pleasantly surprised how easy it is to own one of these fine airplanes. So fly in or drive in and we will put you in the left seat and be prepared to be amazed. Nothing performs, sounds or feels like a Rolls Royce Turbine powered Cessna!

Owned and operated by Robert Nicolas, a pilot of 40 years and an FAA Licensed A&P and IA, we have more than seven decades of combined aviation maintenance experience amongst our capable staff, including avionics and sheet metal expertise.

We do annual inspections, plus 50 & 100 hour inspections. Turbine flushes. Pitot/static checks. Pre-buy inspections. Tail mod's SK210-125 & SK210-126. We repair pressurization issues. Landing gear trouble shooting. We install dual pane windows. If you would just like an oil service or tires, we will do that also. We also specialize in auto pilot repairs. We work with a great local avionics shop too. So call ground @121.9 and ask for a progressive taxi to Nob Hill and Propjet Aviation! See you soon. .

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Turbine 210 on the cover: AOPA Pilot Magazine Click here to see full article!

Turbine 210 featured in The Twin Cessna Flyer, Jan 2013 issue Click here to see full article!

The newest BatterMinder allows "full on" use of the glass panel avionics continuously , without ever draining the batteries. It's high efficiency design supplies full voltage (28V) even when connected to a 200' #16 gauge extension cord.  If your Eagle uses the Hawker dry or wet cell battery, we sell the brand new 28 volt @ 25 Amp Avionic power supply/Hawker Battery charger-Maintainer-Desulfator. The BATTERYMINDER 28252-AA-S4 by VDC Electronics. It's fully automatic, and hooks right to the newly developed ground power unit (GPU). This unit will make that very expensive battery last a lot longer!  This is a must have if you  have a Hawker battery.

Contact Robert Nicolas at 707.327.8686 for more information or e-mail him at robert@propjetaviation.com

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Check out our Horizontal Stabilizer Reinforcement
This is a very important upgrade that all Turbine 210 owners should consider having done.

Service Department
Office: 707 284-9777

N210NL - Turbine 210
Turbine 210
More info to come..

N508TM - Turbine 210
Turbine 210

N77KR - Turbine 210
Turbine 210
More info to come..

N54CC - Turbine 210
Turbine 210
New Home: Utah

N210PP - Turbine 210
Turbine 210
New Home: Santa Rosa, CA

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Turbine 340 Twin
Turbine 340 Twin
with two Rolls-Royce 250-B17F/2 Engines
Certification expected 2010.

Want to learn more about turbine power?
Rolls Royce
Visit the Rolls-Royce web site